Kopering d.o.o.

Kopering d.o.o.  is a private company founded by a group of high educated, extremely professional and, above all, the maximum effective expert in technical field. Development and application of statutory laws and norms in the field of health and safety at work, fire protection, environmental protection, consulting and engineering in construction, are the foundation of our company activities.



The company Galens from Novi Sad, as a leader in construction of residential buildings, the services of a coordinator for SHW in project elaboration phase and in execution of  works phase, as a rule entrusted to the best. Our engineers provide these services at all  construction sites of this eminent investor, including complex named Garden in Novi Sad."

Belgrade - Block 43

Blok 43 - BeogradIn block 43 in New Belgrade it is in course the construction of grand office building, and Kopering as longtime trusted associate of main contractor Energo Group was entrusted to take care of health and security at work on this construction site through services of Person in charge for SHW and Person for coordination of joint measures SHW according to the Article 19. of a Law on Security and Health at Work.

CPPOV Vrbas and Kula

CPPOV Vrbas i KulaWith the construction of central wastewater treatment plant for municipalities Vrbas and Kula prerequisites are met for the beginning of cleaning of Great Backa Canal which is marked as an ecological “black hole “of Central Europe. Kopering gave its contribution in construction of this big and significant project with provision of services of elaboration of Plan of preventive measures and Coordinator for SHW in the phase of execution of works. Since we are recognized as responsible and reliable company, we are chosen to perform technical acceptance of this important facility after construction.

House of football - Stara Pazova

Kopering doo, as part of long-term successful cooperation with the Football Association of Serbia, has been engaged for the project of construction of the Stand with down stand area in the house of football in Stara Pazova. In this project, Kopering Ltd provides services for Coordinator for Health and Safety at work in the design phase and in the construction phase.

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Akt o proceni rizika

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Excellent SME sertifikat

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