Reconstruction of a new hotel CONTINENTAL Belgrade

The reconstruction of the hotel, which is a long time named Intercontinental, has been started. When finishing the work at the reconstruction, the hotel will have all-new looks inside and get a new name: "CROWN PLAZA". Investor operations coordinator for Health and Safety at work in the design phase and Health and Safety at work Coordinator at the stage of execution of works is entrusted to our company. KOPERING Ltd has once again been recognized as a leader in the field of Health and Safety at work. Praise for our work on this project, coming from employees of American companies Turner, who work as project leaders, and have gained experience in construction on all continents, we have proof that we have raised the quality of our services to the world level.

Construction of the Hotel in Sremska Mitrovica

In Sremska Mitrovica is in progress the construction of Hotel and support facilities. Kopering doo, as the best company that provides services for Health and Safety at work provides a Coordinator for Health and Safety at work at this project.

Special hospital for rehabilitation "THERMAL" Vrdnik

We are proud to state that we have completed one of the most serious enterprise with which we have tackled in the short history of existence Kopering. Specifically, we have made  Risk assessment act in the workplace and working environment for the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation "Termal" Vrdnik. With this eminent house is to the mutual satisfaction of continuing a successful collaboration.

Kopering is engaged in building ZEZELJ bridge

Kopering d.o.o. has entered into a contract with the Joint Venture, which consists of the Spanish company with Azvi and HortaCoslada Italian Taddei Spa that are in charge of building a new Zezelj bridge. Kopering has taken responsibility for  safety and health at work, environmental protection and fire protection at the site for the duration of the construction of the bridge.

Akt o proceni rizika

Akt o proceni rizika

Excellent SME sertifikat

Excellent SME sertifikat

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