About us

KOPERING doo is a private company founded by a group of highly educated, highly professional and, above all, the maximum effective expert technical direction. Development and application of statutory laws and norms in the field of health and safety at work, fire protection and environmental protection, consulting and engineering in construction, are the foundation of our company activities.


MISSION - Our company is an absolute loyal to each client or business partner, and have willingness to complete it, highly engaging all of their knowledge and capacities, eliminate care for one segment of its operations covered by the above-mentioned areas. We are fully aware that only through such an approach can verify the existence and duration of their own, which is, of course, the main goal.




In the field of health and safety at work:

  •  Creation Risk assessment actin the workplace and working environment which, in accordance with the safety and health at work, there must have every employer
  • Services for persons in charge for safety and health at work which, according to the same law, there must have every employer with ten or more employees
  • Services Coordinator for the Health and safety at work in the preparation of the project and the works


In the field of fire protection:

  •  Development of rules to protect against fire and evacuation plan
  • Development of the rehabilitation plan as a result of fire
  • Development of Regulations on training in the field of fire protection
  • Practical training in the field of fire protection
  • Consulting in obtaining fire risk categorization, which is a legal obligation of every employer


In the field of environmental protection:

  • Development of assessment of environmental impact
  • Development of impact assessment of chemical accident


In the field of consulting and engineering in construction:

  •  Making the main construction project
  • Services when issuing the necessary documents and obtaining permits in the City of Novi Sad
  • Supervision services during construction of buildings


In the field of emergencies:

  • Development of risk assessment of natural disasters and other disasters
  • Protection and rescue plans in an emergency
  • Contingency protection plan
  • Plan in terms of terrorist attacks


PEOPLE that make  Kopering d.o.o. are safety and environmental engineers, trained at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.  The knowledge gained in this eminent institution of higher education is on the best  possible way confirmed in practice. There are, of course, and construction engineers with knowledge and experience to guarantee top performance of all tasks in the field of consulting and engineering in civil engineering and mechanical engineers, electrical engineering and technology.



LICENSES - Administration for safety and health at work of the Ministry of Labour that we have is the best confirmation of our expertise and responsibility. With them, our professionals have the appropriate licenses for the design of buildings, as well as for their performance in building construction and civil engineering.


REFERENCES you can see the separate page of this site, just a confirmation that the path that we choose isgood and that the approach which we have chosen what is actually required a modern way of doing business. On it are the domestic and foreign companies from almost all areas, including the most prominent one  like, "DSD Konstruktion" who participated in the construction of the bridge over the Danube nearBeska and  bridge at Ada in Belgrade.

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Akt o proceni rizika

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Excellent SME sertifikat

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