1. Who needs to act on a risk assessment in the workplace and working environment?

 Risk Assessment Act must have each employer.


2. Who does not need to have a person responsible for safety and health at work?

 Employers with less  than ten employees or  are engaged in: hospitality, tourism, trade, handicrafts, services and education.


3. I own an agency where I was the only employee, isit  required to have a Risk Assessment Act?

 No, Risk Assessment Act must have employers. The employer is one who has employees. If you perform your own business and have employees, you are not an employer and therefore not legally required to have in the Act.


4. How do I determine the person responsible for safety and health at work in the company, which has 16 employees?

 The legislature has given you a choice. Any company which their employees has been  sent to pass the professional examination in the area of ​​health and safety at work and obtain a certificate of practical qualifications for performing safety and health at work by contract or you can hire a licensed legal entity that will perform clerical duties as well. When you opt for one of the options, you need to make a decision in writing which will specify the person responsible for safety and health at work in the company.


5. Is it possible to act on the risk assessment because I do have 5 employees, and I like to trade?

 Yes, you can create yourself to act on risk assessment given to deal with trade and to have less than 10 employees, but you are required to complete all the requirements of the Rules of the Act making an assessment of risks ,that can be found on our website.


6. They offered me that we do act on the risk assessment as if I were him I did and were more favorable than the agencies that I contacted, whether or not to hire such people, and is it feasible?

 This is a phenomenon that is common in our market and we are very familiar. What is it about? Some people who are NOT QUALIFIES - not licensed to perform these jobs offer this service to employers who belong to the group that was exempted from the obligation to have a person responsible for safety and health at work. Formally, the - legally, it not forbidden, but we strongly advise you to accept such "services". They will do an act and you will sign it as if you were done and that's it. But who is your guarantee for the correctness of such an act, WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FAILURE and / or lack of acts I REALLY drastic FINES INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE SAME?, What if there is an injury at work, and you just act in this part is not correct ? In short, this is the work of the "black" or to say "gray" zone, starting with the fact that you can not legally - through the account to pay this "service", not to talk about problems and complications that can (/ will) occur as a consequence of failure acts. Neither are you such an "act" will not do it for free, and in no way guarantee its quality. In addition, everything you would thus "saved" can cost you many times more expensive due to the payment of Statutory penalties due to incomplete or defective act.


7. Accountant I have, did  Risk assessment act. He does not have a license, how  to check its quality?

 And this is a common occurrence in our region. You can check the quality of the act so that, for starters, read it, but regardless of its quality, the act does not meet the statutory provisions if it does not license eligible (qualified and certified) persons or companies that are engaged in Health and safety at work.

We had a case that the employer, who is a butcher,show to theLabour InspectionRisk assessment Act (in its systematization nonexistent) job "washer for motor vehicles." When his accountant tried to explain that the act is valid, this would not quarrel with inspection and calmed down only when the inspector explained to him what was the main complaint. From this example shows how reasoning of people offering to do an act as if you have it done. They do not care what it says specifically in the act, but that "can" do without a license and is cheaper. This example occurred in Futog, and to him we learned from the proprietor when we hired him to work out the correct document.


8. What is Risk Assessment Act? Please let me explain so you understand the answer.

 Simply put, the Act of Possession of a valid risk assessment and implementation of measures prescribed by it, the employer serves to avoid a drastic pay fines (usually up to 800,000 or million dinars, all under the Health and Safety at Work, Off. Gazette RS br.101 / 2005).

)joking aside, the Risk assessment Actis a document prepared by experts with the license, setting forth the manner and methods of eliminating or manner and means by which employees need protection from the risks that exist in their workplaces. In the event that there are risks of which the employer can not protect the employees, they must know what are the risks and the impact they have on their health, and what benefits they are entitled to such posts. The law gives the possibility that the process of drafting the Act on the risk assessment part of their participation in the collection of workplace risks taken by representatives of employees. When at work, for whatever reasons, increases the danger level, employees are entitled to request (and the employer is obliged to meet) to act on the risk assessment changes.


9. I have a building material, possess a forklift that leads to my name. Am I obligated to do my review of the forklift?

 If your employees use the forklift, you are obliged to conduct measures of health and safety at work over these funds. The Act on risk assessment in the workplace and in your work environment is determined by the periodicity of reviews of the work equipment. As the truck one of the dangerous machine to use, it belongs to a group of machines for which the legislator has set rules that the obligation to review by the legal entity licensed to perform at least once every three years if the Risk assessment Actis a shorter period. As you see, is an important property for the safety of employees is important that the forklift used or are in his immediate environment.


10. What are the requirements to obtain a license for the safety and health at work?

 The methods and requirements for a license prescribed by the Regulations on the conditions and amount of costs for issuing licenses to work in the field of health and safety at work (Official Gazette RS, no. 29/2006.).

A legal entity or entrepreneur who wishes to obtain this license must have a full time employee working full time at least one employee who meets the following requirements:

a) The high degree of technical education

b) passed the exam in the field of health and safety at work

c) a minimum of three years working  experience in occupational safety and health at work.

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